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#270EB    Legal Brief     18x14x7


Available Colors: Black, Chocolate, Saddle Tan

The Legal Brief

You may think that our Legal Brief is so named because it's the only item in our shop in accordance with the law. Good guess, but no. You may think it's a briefcase designed specifically for lawyers because you can fill it up with a lot of odds and ends, and it still looks good. While this may be true, it's simply not the whole case. What the Constitution clearly states is that, and we quote: "All men and women are entitled by law to the right to carry papers that are extra long." Presumably, this law was enacted because most lawyers tend to make things longer than normal. Lawyers know that a leather briefcase is necessary for presenting a class action suit or just a class act. And this briefcase is anything but brief.  This is one case you can put everything in and it will still hold up to a strong cross examination. Hidden inside is a double pocket that has places for business cards, pens, and other undisclosed evidence. In closing, we would also like to state that the third amendment mentions that it looks particularly good in black. Hey, we don't write the laws folks, we just make the satchels.